Hopeless Romantic

Do they really exist…??

A person who loves love with everything. Who actually likes the long walks on the beach without saying a word but feeling everything.

Someone who likes flowers for no reason at all… or that “I love you” gaze in the mist of them just being them.

It’s the gestures that keeps them going; be it small or big… they love the thought that you thought of them❤

It’s the free dancing, the everlasting smiles and the open heart they possess

Society says to hide this part of you and be cut throat… so do they still exist is the real question…

Yes… yes WE DO.

Being a hopeless romatic is knowing that what’s portrayed in movies is obtainable and just knowing that fills us with so much love. However, we also know it’s hard to come by… which is where the hopeless comes in to play.

Keep extending your heart. Your fairytale is exactly that YOURS❤🥰

~Journie2woman…. a Hopeless Romantic

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