Again…. lets talk Hair.. Vitamins this time… Do they really work??

Hey beauties… you all know I’m always down to check out new products for my goals right?

So look… I tried hair vitamins from Edge Naturale. It states to take 2 pills daily everyday as the bottle gives you a 30 day supply…. 60 pills total.

I started taking the pills February 21st. I took 2 daily for roughly 1 week and a half. I then started noticing cystic acne forming around my chin.

My body is super sensitive and if I have even a sip of too much of something my body will react. Unfortunately it reacted in the form of acne for me. Now acne doesn’t happen to everyone so don’t count it out just yet.

Remember this is my experience… however, I decreased the intake of the pills to 1 per day and the acne started to subside but it was still present.

I then started taking 1 every other day and that was spot on. My acne went away completely andddddddd I did see a major difference in my hair.

Within the first 2 weeks, I was wearing micro plaits. My plaits became really fuzzy it felt like all of a sudden.

2 weeks later, after taking my hair out, I experienced a thicker feel in my hair. My hair literally felt thicker. I’ve always had very fine natural hair and it would easily become brittle and break off… but as I was taking my plaits out my hair just felt different… like healthy and strong.

I did not experience the knotting at the roots that people usually get when taking down old plaits. It just felt amazingly different.

As far as length, I did not see a major difference in length. My hair grew its normal rate at .5 inches per month. Therefore, MY EXPERIENCE didn’t accrue length but the health is remarkable.

I don’t usually take hair vitamins because I breakout so easily but I found what works for me, taking 1 every other day and still seeing results. I can’t beat that.

All and all… they do work and everyone’s experience is different from the next. I like them and will keep them in my regime.

You should definitely give it a try. Anything is worth trying once. So go ahead and try it and tell them Journie2woman sent you.


…..invest in yourself… when you feel good… you look good💋


3 Replies to “Again…. lets talk Hair.. Vitamins this time… Do they really work??”

  1. Very honest & personal review ! I’m so excited to order my hair vitamins. I appreciate you being transparent & candid about the acne developing. I too have sensitive skin and plan to take small doses weekly, instead of twice daily in the beginning. Thank you a ton 🖤

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