The Angry Black Woman

…..Does she really exist??

The lack of protectiveness…

The lack of love….

The lack of continuous stability are the possessions she gloves.

The tough love from her mother boils over to womanhood…

The lack of or absent love from her father will forever be the mystery she longs to unfold.

The insecurities that lies within because society said so…

The urge to keep up with imposters, therefore she never lays low…

Walking around with too much pride…

Too afraid to change what’s inside;

So she builds a 10ft wall around her. Her shield is her “angry”attitude and the inability to see when things are good.

She doesn’t allow anyone in, not even the ones who consider her kin… her kids.

Therefore, the tough love cycle repeats itself again towards her daughters but her sons hmmmm he gets all the love a daughter desires.

With all being said, she does exist but not by choice. It’s a generational curse that must be broken. It shouldn’t be looked at as something negative but more so of an issue that needs therapy.

She needs to dig deep and acknowledge whom she is. It can be done, I lived that same theme…

If I can do it… you can do the same thing.


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