To My Husband

…. That’s how this works, I put you first.

To my husband who makes me feel like the woman I should be and more. I used to think fairy tales were just that… something soft to look at. However, when I met you my fairy tale began.

Everyone have their own story and our story is of course my favorite. You didn’t choose me and I didn’t choose you. We chose us!

When I’m lost you give me a sense of direction and hold me closer to you to allow me to feel secure and supported along the way.

I’ve always thought my life will be complete when I’ve met the man of my dreams. You unknowingly taught me that I should be complete first and love myself first before allowing someone else to make up my world.

You’ve helped me find who I am, love who I am and be comfortable with myself.

You’ve given me the power to be confident in every move I make because I am confident within who I am.

I’ve never imagined a man could push me so far to be a better woman. We always hear that other women will empower you but that’s not my case.

That cliche of “where would I be without” is my biggest question.

We move together, we grow together and our love together is abundantly growing.

We took over each others lives…. and look at us now. From my very heart to your entire soul… I love you!


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