My Hair Have Goals too…2021 Takeover

Hey Girl Heyyy,

It’s almost 2021 and of course we all have new goals and continuing goals to induce a healthy lifestyle right?

Of course!

Therefore, let me tell you once more about the Edge Naturale: Hair Follicle Enhancer. I’ve been using it for the past couple of months and it’s made my edges stronger. I went from having dry and brittle edges to moisturized and shinning edges.

You know those fairy knots you get at the end of your hair? Yes those that drive everyone crazy… especially us 4c girls. Well say less about fighting them (if you have short edges). Try this enhancer every morning and night and those knots will appear less and less while you start to retain more length.

It’s an easy application.

I am very much so a “LAZY NATURAL” so anything that requires mixing and possibly doing a science experiment in my kitchen… I’ll past. I’m a busy mom and don’t have time to mix and match different products. However, with the Edge Naturale enhancer, I dab it along my edges and then smooth it in when I get out of the shower at night and while I spruce up my hair in the morning (make sure your edges are free of other products so that it can work at its best).

It takes less than 5 minutes. Consistency is key also. The more consistent you are the more of the enhancer will produce results; from building stronger edges to enhancing growth from those stubborn follicles.

I’ve been able to retain my edges while seeing growth in spots I’ thought were completely damaged and fried from traction alopecia.

It’s easy, convenient, IT WORKS and it doesn’t break the bank. The simplicity of it along with it ACTUALLY working is what I absolutely love about it.  The jar may also seem small… but a little goes a long way.

Not only is the product amazing, the customer service is what everyone needs. Immediate turnaround with responses and professional. I am so big on professionalism and I will forever do a collaboration with this company because of that. The conversations (via email) are straight to the point with no gimmicks… sounds like business right?

… all thee above!!

Now since you’ve heard my rant let’s sum up 2020 on a positive note with adding healthy hair to our 2021 goals.

Click this link to purchase your jar:


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