Remember to Heal

We often times go through life sweeping things of big impact under the wrong.

We bury our thoughts, the hurt we’ve felt, the disappointment we’ve encountered and the love we’ve longed for.

We walk through life with so many faces until something triggers something up under our rug. We become angry, snappy or some even isolate. Others do nothing and bury even more.

We all want to be successful, financially stable and a love life that makes us feel Ah-mazing…. but instead of chasing what we want we forget to face what is needed of ourselves.

Heal… healing takes time and doesn’t happen over night. Address every issue in your life face on. Live in those feelings you tossed out and talk out loud to yourself about how you felt when something happened. Be honest with yourself and I’m sure life will get better.

Before you can live in peace you have to vacuum under your rug and address everything. Addressing others will never make you feel better… it’ll fuel the fire but you have to do your work for you.

As forgiving others is for your sake… well… forgiving yourself is for your peace.


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