…Life Goes on

We strive so hard to please our parents. To do our best to make our parents proud… but what do we do when they’re gone??

I recently lost my grandmother and this was the first death experience I had as an adult that hit close to home. While going through my emotions, it really hit me that life really goes on. The people who are empathetic to your lost have to still live their lives and how work still expects you to show up… bills are still coming every 30 days.

While figuring out my emotions, I realized that instead of trying to please and do those things to make our parents happy… you have to do what makes you happy. Although we want our parents to be proud of us, but we have to be proud of who we are as well.

I am not saying to disregard the efforts your parents wants you to push forward, just put that same effort into what makes you happy because when they are gone… again, life moves on that very next second.

Therefore, as life moves on, you’ll still be happy within yourself and with hopes that even though you didn’t go thee exact route your parents wanted you go; hopefully they will be happy that you took the route to please you.


2 Replies to “…Life Goes on”

  1. First, my condolences to you and your family. Death is a touchy subject and everyone handles it differently. I admire they way that you decided to take control of the situation, instead of the situation taking control of you.


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