Lets talk edges

Hey girl Heyy,

Lets talk all things edges. I have struggled with thin edges for most of my adulthood life. From tension to ripping them out with glued hairstyles and yesssss relaxing my edges ONLY when I had braids in just so they can be laid (I know crazy).

Over the years we all do crazy things to our hair.  Things that we sometimes cannot fix and we just have to start over. I really thought my hair follicles were completely damaged and there was nothing I could do but accept the bald spot right on the my edges.

With patience and consistency I found the right things to do to my hair and especially my edges. You have to treat your edges like fragile packages. My edges, not to help, are very fine which is something that will never change; genetically blessed with thin edges… right!

I started using Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer and I saw results within 3 weeks. Not a huge difference but I saw my follicles sprouting a tad bit of hair. I rub it on like a moisturizer on my edges every night followed up with my silk scarf. With my fine edges, it doubles as a moisturizer as well. After I apply, my edges are so soft and smooth. A little goes a long way.


It smells like a peppermint as it contains along with coconut milk and other natural oils. It is not sticky, tacky or smells as other edge growth products do. I love this product and will be using it until it’s gone and then more.

It’s a staple in my hair car products. It’s all natural, black owned and can be used for ALL hair types.

Check out the Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer at http://www.edgenaturale.com or follow them on instagram for more reviews @edgenaturale.

Have questions? Comment below or head right over to the source and ask the makers. Customer service is prompt and informative.

Lets get these edges together sis!!











One Reply to “Lets talk edges”

  1. Hi there! Thank you for this post. I’m in the process of looking for natural products. Sometimes it’s hard to find good products that actually work. I always appreciate a realistic review. I will definitely check them out and look at all the other products they may offer. 😊

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