Everyone wants to know the ending of a story or situation but they never want to understand the real story.

It is so easy to prejudge someone looking at their current circumstances. When one is judged, it is always in a negative light. It’s never, maybe this one mistake was a God honest mistake.

It’s so hard to give the benefit of the doubt when judging takes place. We prejudge because it’s natural and it’s society standard to think the worst of someone.

Thinking negatively of someone brings more drama into the situation and we all love a little drama but it creates a space where if we don’t create this same exact drama, it somehow devalues who we are.

This is an unconscious act that we all have done or still do. Next time you see a situation and it doesn’t seem right from your perspective, give the benefit of the doubt and allow grace within your heart to create peace and understanding and guess what… your value wouldn’t decrease at all.




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