Are you his refuge?!

It is said to be your spouse’s place of serenity. His or her direction for peace. Be that tranquility for him/her that you get when you listen to waterfalls.

It is said for you be that perfect love song towards your spouse. You know that one that says something about always putting them first and never letting go.

Although it is the righteous thing to do… just make sure you are getting the same blues. Be sure that your spouce is your refuge for a clear mind. That he or she serenade you with sweet “adult” lullabies. You need it too.

Love is a 2 way street, so is marriage and anything working towards it. You have to give and receive, love and adore, seek and provide.

So, never let anyone tell you to be such a dwelling space for your spouse when you can’t fathom soaking in their space for clarity. Giving is always great but you always have a choice at the end of the day.


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