It’s ok to love yourself More

It’s ok to love yourself more than anyone else. Loving yourself is better than putting someone else first. You have to understand, accept and be willing to love your flaws in order to love yourself. You can lobe yourself more than you love your spouse or even your children. If you aren’t secure with yourself, how do you expect for others to be secure with you. So take the challenge and start putting you first. Love is an emotional feeling so allow yourself to be and feel emotional with you.

One Reply to “It’s ok to love yourself More”

  1. Loving yourself doesn’t always have to be costly or materialistic either. In my opinion, loving yourself is finding what truly makes you happy and doing just that. Finding out who you are, respecting yourself, accepting yourself and setting goals and standards for yourself. You absolutely have to start with yourself in order to share your love with others. I love this post. ❤️

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