Make it Genuine Not Public

Fix her crown without anyone knowing.

That says a lot within itself but majority of ppl only see the surface. Here is my perspective:

You have a friend who’s lacking, falling off, can use some guidance to get her back poppin’.

Take that friend by the hand and support her ventures, give her that guidance, steer her in the right direction if you can’t help her yourself.

Allow her to be smothered in her endeavors without you getting jealous because ppl love to see you doing good but never better than them.

Even if you do not get that in return, you know where you stand and you know who you are. Stay strong because the universe doesn’t rotate for nothing. (What goes around comes around)

Never humilate her and never downplay her. Respect her despite her position in life. Make your uplifting private for her. The world doesn’t need to know.


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