Body Shame

Body shame is now an unfortunate main stream issue; especially for women.

Society has brainwashed us into thinking we have to have a size 0 waist – 42in hip and a really big booty.

It has us so brainwashed that women are rushing to the surgery tables and walking around with waist trainers barely breathing.

There’s a specific type of body I’d like to speak on. The “mom bod”.

During and after pregnancy there is this annoying thing called Diastasis Recti that happens to the abdomen of a woman.

Your entire, upper and/or lower abdomen where the muscles are, slowly separates, kindly moves to the side and allows your baby to have all the space he/she needs in there.

After the baby is born, we are left with huge spacing between our abs. We hit the gym thinking this “mommy puge” is going away within 6months but for most it does not.

Most women are unaware of having diastasis Recti. This is the culprit of you having additional abdominal fat.

Therefore, to all my moms and your hot bods, be comfortable in your body it shows a sign of life in you. It shows you are human and it shows you are brave.

There are exercises to combat this issue but never allow anyone to shame you because you gave birth.

**Here’s a toast to the Mom Bod


Here are a few exercises you can do to combat this issue

  • Bird Dog
  • Heel Touches (while laying flat on back)
  • Stomach Vacuums
  • Toe taps (while laying flat on back)
  • Fire hydrants or the abductor machine at the gym

*The focus is to work the transversus abdominis (the surround muscles of the abs) which will close the gap. Sit ups and crunches will only make it worse.

-Or you can simply allow nature to take its course and be fabulous without it.




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