Pick Me

Growing up, as a child, we always wanted to be picked first to do something or to just be picked overall because it made us feel special.

As we have that behavior, we innately want attention from everyone around us.

We age and become adults and unfortunately, we still look for that attention.

That behavior is followed with us throughout  our dating years.

Sitting and waiting for a guy to “pick me” is hard for me to fathom currently, however, it does and has and still is happening.

We sit around, some of us play house, co-habiting, cooking and cleaning for a man, or shall I say boy?!? Sharing financial responsibilities and he still doesn’t claim you as his woman.

Some of us answer to his every call, lend out our cars, homes and the most valuable possession, our bodies to boys who take advantage. We sit there thinking  “if I do all of this, I’m sure he will commit to me.”

All along he has 2-3 other women competing for him to “pick me.”

Never settle or carry yourself in a manner where you’re put in this position. If a guy or a woman toys with your emotions, having you at highs and lows because he can, get out of that situationship; he does not want you and those are red flags flashing telling you to run the other way.

We has women want so badly to be in love. So we hold on to every glimpse of it that we come in contact with. Be it the love that somebody have for us because of how we dress, the potential we carry to suite them or our intellect. Where ever there is an ounce of hope is a ton of emotions behind it from a woman.

With all of that being said, next time you’re on a date, don’t become consumed with trying to win him over; become consumed with how you feel in his presences. Are you comfortable and feel safe. Listen to what he is saying to you. Some guys will bluntly tell you what they are looking for, the opposite of what you are looking for, but you still hold on to that little glimpse of hope because he’s sitting across from you at a restaurant.

Start listening to your body language and your sensibility. Take control of who you are. Get to know who you are first before getting to know anyone else. As I always say, Self love is he epitome of happiness.




2 Replies to “Pick Me”

  1. I think we all go through that “Pick Me” Stage, until we find out who we are. If we trust in God we will be able to love our selves unconditionally and the right ones will come along effortlessly. This is definitely for every type of relationship. The right ones will comes along and genuinely love you. Good read Journie2Women!


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