Can Men and Women be Fiends…?

I do believe men and women can be friends… however NOT when individuals are in committed relationships.

It’s ok to be friends with a guy or a female when you’re single. You can hangout, have drinks, dinner in a group setting or one on one… But honestly, men are not looking to just be friends with a woman. He sees something in her that he wants; be it her physical appearance for sex or mental state for some intellectual conversation to boost something like his ego or maybe TO FILL A VOID BECAUSE HE’S BORED.

Women actually will see a guy as their friend. Most wouldn’t want anything out of the relationship with the exception of a genuine friendship. However, ladies keep your head on the swivel (as my husband would say) because he’s plotting for something else. He may not show it up front but eventually he will.

Then there’s that 2% window where some men would be friends with a female because he actually sees her as a cool person; but let’s think. If a man think’s a woman is really cool… he’s going to snatch her up so no one else can get her. Therefore, that 2% is voided.

Fellas, women that just wants to be friends, really wants to be friends until she finds something she is looking for; Or maybe she wants you and is waiting for you to make that move despite you having a girlfriend/wife. Women nowadays are just as worse as men.

Once you enter a monogamous relationship/ marriage having male/female friends should cease. Why? You’re blatantly disrespecting your spouse. Why would you have the audacity to sit and talk with another man/woman about your partner? You are giving that “friend” plenty of room to get in. When you and your spouse have an argument… you run to this “friend”. Why? For comfort? For them to listen to you and tell you everything you want to hear? That’s why you have a partner to COMMUNICATE.

Don’t allow your single way of thinking to corrupt your committed way of living. You’ll never be genuinely happy.  Also be aware of the guys who call their female friends “sis” and the ladies who call their male friends “brother”. It’s a tactic to distract what really lies beneath that relationship; one or both have feelings for each other and are just waiting for the opportunity.

So, it’s ok for a single woman or man to have friends of opposite and same sex but not while in a committed relationship/marriage. What do you think??



2 Replies to “Can Men and Women be Fiends…?”

  1. Sis I agree with you but my best friend (who is a guy), we fall in that 2%. We have been friends for over 15 years and have never seen eachother as anything.else but that. We know so much of eachothers secrets…taking to that level would def. be a NO for the both of us.


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