Who do you Idolize?

I really had to think  long and hard about who my mentor/idol currently is. Ashamedly, I don’t have one; one that is of human but spiritual. To be very transparent with you all, I became vegetarian in July after seeing “What the Health”. I went through a spiritual time where I really felt a spiritual connection with our heavenly father. I legit felt spiritual. I cried almost everyday just for being thankful and someone told me that our father speaks most to those who are pure. My mind went from literally from idolizing Beyoncé  (no shade to bey-hive) to idolizing our father. I went from being all about Beyoncé to saying to myself, I cannot praise (not literal) this woman. She’s human just as I am. If anything, I want to praise our father who created us. Once my mindset changed on that specific area, I became more of a humble person. My heart literally felt lighter, calm, and full of love. My emotions were not of anger or bitterness but of joy, being thankful and forgiving. I still struggle with some things but for the most part, if this makes any sense, I feel better as a person. I love myself more and I’ve accepted where I am in life and waiting patiently for the things and places I want to go. It took me watching a health documentary for me to basically WAKE UP. Don’t allow the media to tell you whom to idolize. These celebrities are great at what they do but don’t make it all about them. Don’t compromise your life for the entertainment they give. Read a book. Have intellectual conversations. Go beyond your comfort zone and join a group for something you like to do with people you don’t know.

This here what we call life… we only get 1. Our father will judge our hearts. Look into your heart and start setting yourself free… I’m free.


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