Random-ness… snap shot of my life!

It had to be maybe 9:00pm when I finally put my daughter down to sleep. Of course she screamed and hollered because mommy was home that night and she knows mommy will not let her cry for long. She was wrong for the first 20 minutes. Then I gave in and went to get her. She laid on my shoulders as her tears ran down my arms. She sniffled as I walked through the dark house, from one end to the other. I reached the master bedroom and I lay down in the bed. I try to lay her next to me but she says “No. I want to lay on you.” So, being the mommy I am, I allowed 30lbs of my entire toddler to lay on me, even though I didn’t feel to good. As she twist and turn and tries to get comfortable, yes while still laying on top of me, My husband grabs my hand. His grabbing of my hand let me knew that he is there for me and he appreciates the mom I’m being at that moment, again, even though I didn’t feel good. My second thought was, no matter what I have going on, I have either my daughter grabbing on me on one side and my husband on the other. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Being a mom and a wife is tough. You get no freedom of space… you start to ask yourself what is private space after a while and you feel out of place when no one is tugging on you. It’s almost like, the battle of mom’s attention lol. Am I the only one who thinks and feels this way??


7 Replies to “Random-ness… snap shot of my life!”

  1. Random. I started doing a coparenting blog/self help guide to help myself lol but I love your perspective because I’m the mom who can’t let my son “cry it out”, never understood the concept but there is no more privacy my time is always being shared. I love it .


  2. This is my life for sure. I have so many personalities running through my life, I sometimes feel as if I don’t have one! && we be still be turning up at 9 lol. The balance of mom and wife is a struggle for me


  3. I know this life lol. This is my life, but the one place you have to give mommy her space is in the bed. No Bed sharing for me, sometimes I feel bad but I’ll be in a better mood when I wake up. I’m am also an advocate of “cry it out” it’s tough and so so difficult but I really believe it teaches them independence to a certain degree, we both know you’re sleepy so go to sleep. I’m tough, I know.

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