Quick thought

Dear Ladies, Never let a man measure your worth with his own insecurities. ~Journie2woman


Quick Thought

"Happy people, are genuinely happy for people".... Choose to be. ~Journie2woman

Bad- Ass MOMs

From one job to next... the work day of a mother never ends. Mother's don't have it hard, I would say. We just have more responsibility and we know how to jugle it all. Working 9-5... not to mention some mommies have to work odd hours or even overnight. Come home hearing "mommmyyyyy" with little …

Quick Thought

"You see the potential in People but you also have to pay attention to the reality of whom they are". Never confuse a day dream with what it really is. We've all been there; just learn from it! Make sure you follow me on Instagram @Journie2woman ~Journie2woman 💞

One for One

Oh hey girll, Why is it that when women fall out with their friend girls, it’s so hard for them to get over it or make up sooner than years later. On the other hand, if their man lies to them or cheats on them, they forgive him with open arms??? We as women have …


  First and foremost, thank you Mom Life With Chiari  for this nomination. We moms will forever win together!!! #momlivesmatter--- I started this blog just to tell my experiences. Knowing that people are really out there taking heed to my words means a lot and it is much appreciated to have my blog recognized. What …